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Azalea beauty 🌺 (at Cannon Beach RV Resort)

I like to mix my yellow Iruka-no-WA bracelet paired with a #recycled #Hippamania bracelet! The #dolphin circle is the must have for summer 2014! Made from authentic fisherman’s rope from Futo #Japan the Iruka-no-WA is Fashion with a message of dolphin #freedom. #tweet4dolphins (at On Cannon Beach)

It’s a beautiful day at the #beach (at Arch Cape Beach)

Adjusting prosthetic legs take many appointments, exercise. And adjustments. Go Dad! (at Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic)

A beautiful day at the beach! (at Arch Cape Beach)

I always find a way to make #dolphins a topic! Dress for #cetaceans (at Haystack Rock)

A beautiful loaf of whole wheat bread from Cafe Brio in Arcata California a favorite spot! (at Haystack Rock)

OPS Cove Director calls Newsweek Article Sugar Coating Dolphin Hunt “Wrong and Cowardly”


  Newsweek’s Big Blunder!

"A Social Media Storm Descends on Taiji, the Japanese Town at the Center of a Dolphin Slaughter" 

"A Social Media Storm Descends on Taiji, the Japanese Town at the Center of a Dolphin Slaughter" printed by Newsweek on March, 27, 2014 written by Bill Powell has caused disgust with the masses who are calling Newsweek irresponsible and more. 


Frantic pilot whales as they are forced under the tarps into the killing cove. By the Dolphin Project November 19, 2014

On March 31, 2014 Director of the academy award winning documentary “The Cove”, Louie Psihoyos, has come forth and spoken out against the irresponsible article written by Bill Powell for Newsweek, "Twitter Tsunami, a Japanese Fishing Village Unleashes a Social Media Storm".  Newsweek’s Bill Powell likens social media advocates to a “tsumani” a word that brings up painful memories for many Japanese families. Through out the article Powell victimizes the small group of brutal dolphin hunters, and captive industry while vilifying social media advocates for dolphins, recognized by science today as highly intelligent, sentient beings who are essentially the people of the sea.


Striped dolphin slaughter by the Dolphin Project, January 28,2014

In Louie Psihoyos’s article in the Dodo he releases raw and uncut footage from the documentary The Cove saying: I have always said that the slaughter we showed in The Cove was the Disney version of what actually happens behind the tarps. It seems that now it’s time to show the truth of how barbaric the Taiji fishermen and their renegade mayor really are”.


"The Cove" Director: Newsweek’s Coverage Of Dolphin Hunt Is Wrong, Cowardly"

Read the entire article and see the uncut footage now!


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