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It’s a blustery day #Pooh! (at Arch Cape Beach)

Home at last! Going to the vet wore Winnie out. The good news though is new lazer therapy for older dogs that really helps their backs! (at Cannon Beach RV Resort)

Winnie does not like going to the vet! (at Bayshore Animal Hospital)

Mom’s new boy Nikki a #rescue toy poodle who has brightened our lives! (at Downtown, Cannon Beach)

The Cannon Beach Farmers is open for the summer! O Falafel is #yummy #vegan (at Cannon Beach Farmers Market)

If the slaughter continues for 10 to 15 more years approximately 10,000 to 15,000 pilot whales, dolphins cousins to orcas will be slaughtered until a few Faroe Islanders decide that the slaughtered mothers and their unborn babies are too rotten to eat. Then they will end the grind? This is acceptable to the world? Wake up! They are slaughtering the people of the sea! 
Via Sasha Alazy on Facebook 
"Regarding the apparent discrepancy between fewer and fewer Faroese eating whale meat and the slaughtered figures remaining high, a local who has been involved in this topic for many decades, gave me a very interesting presumption.  

Oli, I guess around 55, who also loves the taste of beluga and fin whales, said that the grind will stop definitely within the next 10 -15 years, and it will continue the same way as before until one day where a hunt takes place and 10-15 whales are left to rot because no one wants it. That will be the point where Faroese will finally react and put the grindadrap into history. In other words, rather than seeing a gradual incline in the number of whales taken, it is likely to be an abrupt end”. — at Kaffihúsið

Bright Sea Iruka-no-WA bracelet and stickers have arrived! #tweet4dolphins (at Cannon Beach - Seaside Oregon)

Man Hitches A Ride On A Whale Shark!

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A Sarasota boater caught the ride of a lifetime while swimming out in the water near Venice last week.

Kirsten Massebeau's insight:

Whale sharks need hour help! Please read the article and watch the video as a whale shark is abused and exploited by boaters in ‪#‎Sarasota‬ ‪#‎Florida‬. There is no protection for these gentle giants. Isn’t it time for work for their protection from mankind. ‪#‎HelpSharks‬

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I do miss the city but there is nothing like living at the beach! (at Arch Cape Beach)

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