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So Called Social Media Specialist Erin Ryan supports “Dolphin Pool of Death”

Photo provided by Benjicarter, “Death Pool of Death” at the Mirage

Erin Ryan, blogger and so called social media specialist known as TheErinRyan on Twitter, has underestimated the world of Social Media. With over a million supporters of dolphins and whales attempting to end captivity and the dolphins drives in Taiji Erin Ryan has the nerve to friend the Facebook page “The Cove" and Academy award winning documentary that denounces the captive dolphin industry, and dolphin drives of Taiji. "Every time you swim with dolphins, go to a marine park or aquarium you support the mass slaughtering of dolphins, and the captive dolphin industry where today 1000’s upon 1000’s of dolphins are being abused in small cement pools. Her article "Drinking the Dolphin Kool-Aide and ad for the Mirage’s Well Known "Dolphin Pool of Death" she touts her wonderful experience that takes place in one of the worst pools on the planet. Please follow the link and learn more about this blogger that seems to lack any ethical judgement.

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