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Action Alert Bottlenose Dolphins Wait for Death in The Cove

 Picture of Bottlenose dolphin Provided by Martyn Stewart Taiji Nov, 2011

After days of dolphin death and suffering at the Cove yet another pod has been driven in and is netted off. Finally the killers have captured a pod of the prized bottlenose dolphins. Unlike the previous pods where slaughter has begun almost immediately this family of bottlenose dolphins have been netted off and will be left in the shallow waters of the cove, without food, forced to wait for the trainers arrival when they come to select those they deem the best looking for captivity. Normally following the selections for captivity the rest of the pod is brutally slaughtered. Mothers, pregnant females, babies, it makes no difference to the killers. The rest will be dragged under tarps where the blood of innocence is spilled with sadistic cruelty beyond imagination as seen in this famous video secretly obtained at the cove in 2010 by Dieter Hagmann

It has already been reported by Cove Guardians that the pod is very agitated jumping and spy hopping. It has been confirmed that there is a baby on-board! Please Call the Fisherman’s Union, urge them to release the pod to freedom! Let your voice be heard! We must be the voice of the dolphins of Taiji so make that call now!

 Taiji fishermen’s union: TEL: 011-81-735-59-2340 (Fax: 011-81-559-3018)

Say Konichiwa Baby Iruka to Nimpu no Okaasan wo, Kurosanaide!(Don’t kill baby dolphins and pregnant female dolphins today).

Say KONICHIWA ”Ee-roo-ka OH kodo-san-eye-ee-day kuda-sai.” (Hello, Please do not kill Dolphins.) 

Mayor Kazutaka Sangen- Taiji town hall 011-81-73-441-3010  FaX 011 81-73-423-9700

 Wakayama prefecture office, Fishery Division TEL: +011-81-73-441-3010
FAX: +011-81-73-432-4124 
Mr. Yoshiki Kimura - Governor of Wakayama (Fax: +011-81-73-423-9500)


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