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Scientists See Cruelty in Killing Method Used in Japan’s Dolphin Roundup

Help Ex-Dolphin Hunter now Dolphin Watcher Izumi Ishii

Izumi Ishii’s Beautiful Boat The Beautiful Kohkaimaru 

"For all of us who ever wished that dolphin slaughter could be replaced by dolphin watching, here’s a chance to put our money where our mouth is.

You have probably heard of Izumi Ishii, the ONLY dolphin-hunter-turned-dolphin-watch operator from Futo, Japan.

It has been a tough 10 years since he quit hunting dolphins, turning his boat into a dolphin-watch vessel instead.

Business has been slow, and it has just come to our notice that he is liable to lose his only means of livelihood, however meagre… his boat, the Kohkaimaru. If he cannot come up with another US$ 1600 by 09 February, he loses his boat.

We are appealing to everyone who is FOR dolphins to put in whatever possible to help reach this goal. If each of us puts in even $15, and shares this appeal on all the pages we possibly can, we can do this. $1600 is not a huge amount of money, and I know Izumi Ishii has earned a huge amount of goodwill among dolphin lovers globally.

Here is a man who symbolizes what we want for our beloved cetaceans… he took the pioneering step of quitting the slaughter and switching to running dolphin and whale-watch tours.

If we don’t support the change we want to see, who will?”

Please donate via PayPal to:

Text courtesy of Priya Tuli

To join follow this link 

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